Industrial and Marine Boiler, Heater, and Burner Services

  • Moved into more areas of services
  • Design, build, and commission burner combustion system according to various shipping class requirement
  • Conversion of heavy fuel oil burner system to triple fuel burner system onboard FSO vessel in the marine industry
  • PCT has a complete range of boiler mountings and components
  • Business has diversified to cater to many different needs
  • One stop solutions in area of engineering services and repair and maintenance work

Pacific Central Teknik started out by dealing with burner sales only. Due to the clients’ natural demand, we have moved into more areas of services including installation, commissioning, servicing and repair of burners supplied by PCT and spare parts sale. After agency burner products have gained some awareness in the boiler makers’ market, PCT decided to market other products in the same field.

The marine and industrial boiler sales started in 1995 to cover the regional shipyard and shipbuilding industries. A spare parts department was also set up on the same year to cater for a separate group of clients such as marine-based companies including shipping agents, ship owners, ship management companies, ship chandlers, etc.

Our engineering team has the capability to design, build, and commission burner combustion systems according to various shipping class requirements. We specialize in conversion of heavy fuel oil burner system to a multi fuel burner system onboard FSO/FPSO vessel in the marine industry.

Today, PCT has a complete range of boiler mountings and components such as burners, water level control, blowdown valves, safety valves etc., to offer to boiler manufacturers.

Our business activities have also diversified to cater to more demands of our clients. This includes:

• Service and repair of marine and industrial steam boilers, and heater and burner systems
• Burner repair, service, and calibration
• Control systems for burners and boilers
• Steam trap survey and maintenance for industrial plants
• Spare parts for boilers and burners
• U pgrading of existing burner systems with new digital combustion controls
• Conversion from oil firing to gas and dual fuel firing
• Yearly servicing of boiler for MOM inspection for industrial boilers
• Preventive maintenance contracts
• 10 year boiler inspections
• Boiler retubing
• Hydrostatic pressure testing
• Emergency support of troubleshooting and repair of boiler, heater, and burner system after office hours