Industrial and Marine Automation Solutions Provider

Pacific Central Teknik has incorporated automation solutions and services for both industrial and marine purposes. This is a strategic move as it improves efficiency and productivity.

Our engineering teams are specialists in industrial, marine, manufacturing, and process and machine automation. They have sound knowledge about their field of expertise and have the capabilities to understand different platforms, software and hardware applications, and installations and implementations. This provides our clients with professional, hassle-free experience.

We are skilled in providing solutions and related services in various industries dealing with power and steam generation, absorption and conventional chilling, chemical processes, oil refining, waste incineration, material handling, automobile industries and machine automation etc.

We also offer automation solutions which includes system designing, software programming, engineering design, control panel manufacturing and onsite support. Apart from these, we also offer solutions on automation products such as the programmable logical controllers (PLC), SCADA, HMI, variable speed drives from Siemens and Danfoss, ABB, Omron, Schneider Electric etc. Through the provision of the above services, we fulfil our commitments through responsibility, adaptability, innovation, and integrity.