Gas Services

Pacific Central Teknik is the sole distributor for RMG in Singapore. RMG is one of the leading partners in the gas industry worldwide, specialising in the designing and manufacturing of equipment and providing quality equipment and services to a wide range of industries.

As the sole distributor, we can offer clients strong competencies along the whole gas supply chain ranging from pressure regulators, control valves, safety shut off valve, gas meters, flame arrestors to filters. We design and build stations according to our clients’ requirements and can also provide station automation from one single source.

We have also designed, built, and commissioned high pressure Metering Pressure reducing Station (MPRS)
and high pressure Metering Station for co-generation systems and CNG stations respectively.

We are also the regional supplier of the complete set of gas train for gas engines, boiler and heating equipment makers.

Apart from providing designing, building, and after-sales maintenance and services, we also keep a wide range of products in stock to cater for our clients’ needs.