Oilon is a manufacturer from Finland that produces heat pumps, oil and gas burners for domestic, industrial and marine sectors. It also manufactures power plant and process burners capable of being used in several different plants and applications such as waste fuel, bio-fuel, process, and multi-fuel and simultaneous waste firing burners. With more than 40 years experience, Oilon is highly reliable and built for easy commissioning.

Oilon offers a wide range of Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Gas and Duel Fuel burners with the selection of 2 stage, 3 stage and Modulating control with a capacity range of between 10kW and 63 MW to match the requirements for industrial users.

The proficiency components and a duo-block type in which combustion air is provided by a separate blower enable Oilon to deliver complete combustion systems. Clean combustion and low emission of pollutants ensure that Oilon remains environmentally friendly. The automation system is accurately tuned by an automation system coupled with adequate control processes to ensure the unsurpassed combustion.