About Us

Pacific Central Teknik Pte Ltd (PCT) was established in February 1993 with the objective of promoting OILON burners in the Asia Pacific Region.

The sales of OILON burners was successful due to the great demand for burners in the region. There was about two hundred burners sold within two years of operation. The main portion of sales come from market outside Singapore such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand. The primary target audience are the boiler manufacturers in these countries, where the volume sales can be captured. In addition, with the exploration of natural gas in these countries, the conversion of oil firing plant into gas firing is another potential market for OILON burners.

The initial intention of PCT was to deal with burner sales only. Due to the customer’s natural demand, it has moved into more area of services including installation / commissioning / services and repair of burners that were supplied by PCT, and spare parts sales. After OILON burner have gained some awareness in the boiler makers’ market, the management decided for other product to be marketed in the same field. The marine boiler sales had started in 1995 to cover the shipyard / shipbuilding industry in this region. A spare part department was also set up in the same year to cater for a separate group of customers, these are the marine based companies, including shipping agents, ship owners, ship management companies, ship chandlers, etc. With this spare parts sales operation, a long list of marine spare parts suppliers located world wide are being approached, in order to serve the complete range of spare parts required onboard vessels.

Lanemark Tank Heater and Process Burner (UK) is another product that was given the sole agency to market in the region from the result of our sales effort.

Today, PCT has complete range of boiler mountings / components to offer to the boiler manufacturers, including burners, water level control, blowdown valves, safety valves, etc.