Company Overview

Over the years, our team of specialists and professionals has further developed our extensive qualifications and know-how to further add value to our clients. Today, our core businesses in burner and boiler products, steam and thermal oil heating plants, have given us a leading specialised presence in the marine and oil and gas industries.





We offer burners and heaters of different brands like Oilon, RMG and Siemens with different capacity ranges that can be fired on various gases and fuel oil, including other liquid / gaseous fuels.



We explore products for marine purposes such as burners, screw pumps and flowmeters from various suppliers like Oilon and Kral for cost effective solutions, aiming to maintain a cleaner environment.


Pacific Central Teknik Pte. Ltd. is incorporated on 7th November 1995 as a Private Limited Company. Our core business involve in burner and boiler services specializes providing:

  • Sales & service of OILON burners
  • Gas Components for industrial uses
  • Marine & Industrial spares part sales
  • Heating appliances related equipment
  • Boiler / Burner mountings and accessories sales
  • After sales service & maintenance